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Конспект уроку з англійської мови “Домашнє читання.”

25.02.2010 від admin Популярність: 18%

Topic. Домашнє читання.
to practice students’ reading skills;
to revise and enrich students’ vocabulary on the topic.
Equipment: textbooks, handouts

The Course of the Lesson
I. The Beginning of the Lesson.
1. Organizing the class for the lesson.
2. Warm-up activities.
T.: We often have our meals at home but sometimes we eat out. Where can we go? How often do you eat out? Which of these places – restaurant, pub, pizzeria, burger place, café – would you like to go to? Why?

II. The Main Body of the Lesson.
3. Homework check-up.
T.: Tell us about your restaurant, its menu, prices, people working there.

Orange Jam
after Dora Saint

There was once a boy called Peter who did not like marmalade. He thought it was horrible. His Mummy and Daddy and bid sister Jane ate it every morning and enjoyed it. How could they? Ugh!
“It’s lovely,” said Mummy. “Try some.”
“No, thank you.”
“Good for you,” said Daddy. “Makes you grow.”
“No, thank you.”
“I love it,” said his sister Jane. “Have just a little bit.”
“Leave the boy alone,” said Granny, who was visiting them. “He’s happy with his honey.”
Peter loved his Granny. She lived not very far away, and sometimes he went with his Mummy on a bus to visit her.
One cold winter morning he went to spend the day at Granny’s as his Mummy had to go out. He found his Granny in the kitchen. She was busy cutting up oranges and lemons. A big pan was on the stove. It had sugar and water in it, and a very big spoon.
“What are you making?” he asked.
“Orange jam,” said Granny. “Want to help?”
“Yes, please,” said Peter.
Granny put a large apron round him. Everything smelt lovely. The kitchen was warm after the cold weather outside, and it was fun to watch Granny. She was cutting the oranges and lemons with a sharp knife.
“If you squeeze them for me on this lemon squeezer,” said Granny, “it will be a great help. Press hard, and then turn the fruit this way to let out the juice.”

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Укладач: Косик Х. Р.

Популярність: 18%

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